wants simply to be the creative earthquake that will overturn all design's paradigms.

Italian design objects, derivatives of our great tradition in terms of innovation, style, vision of the future, designed and conceived for production with 3D printing techniques .

No centralized production point, no standardization, no transport costs, in economic and environmental impact terms.

The design is a free idea .

Buy the object you want, easily produce it through a 3D printer, customize it.
We want a world where anyone can afford democratic luxury to aspire to beauty, to the original, to the exclusive unique piece .

We know that not everyone today has a printer, time, or simply the desire to make yourself an object. For this reason, the project also envisaged a parallel decentralized distribution system .
We want to focus on those who have invested in these technologies, visionaries, pioneers, anyone who has a press center can buy packages of production licenses becoming in fact an official distributor / producer.